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Isomalt is a naturally sourced sugar replacer and the only one in its kind made from pure beet sugar. On top, it is 100% sugar-free and even helps to prevent tooth decay. Thanks to a two-stage production process of enzymatic sucrose treatment and hydrogenation, the resulting unique molecular structure gives our Isomalt a sweetening profile almost equal to sucrose – but with half the calories! While used in many food applications, Isomalt is the number one sugar replacer worldwide in hard candies.

Nutritional benefits of Isomalt:
Sugar replacer:
Facilitates sugar-free products
Keeps teeth healthy
Weight management:
Reduces calories
Supports a low glycaemic diet:
Sugar levels – less is more

Food applications with Isomalt:
Baked goods
Breakfast cereals & cereal bars
Chewing gum centres & coatings
Coated products
Compressed tablets
Hard boiled candies
Low boiled candies
Frozen desserts
Fruit spreads
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Low hygroscopicity reduces stickiness & ensures longer shelf-life.

Isomalt contributes to brilliant colours & coatings.

Isomalt can be used for an optimised taste & mouthfeel.

Its mild sweetness brings a better flavour release in subtle and delicate fruit flavours. In sugar-free chewing gum or fruit-flavoured hard candies, this is perfectly complemented by Isomalt’s low solubility, which improves flavour retention and therefore increased enjoyment.

As Isomalt absorbs virtually no moisture, it benefits the crunchiness of coated applications. It also ensures a smooth surface in deposited candies and lollipops avoiding sharp cracks and edges that can compromise indulgence.

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